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Our Purpose & Mission

Purpose & Mission

Get to Know Us

In a rapidly evolving world, the challenges faced by today's youth are complex and overwhelming. As a parent myself, the responsibility of preparing young minds for the educational journey weighs heavily. I recognize the abundance of tools and services aimed at nurturing social-emotional development, yet there remains a pervasive gap in their efficacy. This deficiency, I believe, stems from a lack of engagement. The methodologies fall short of interaction.

In response, I've crafted a solution that bridges this gap. A solution rooted in a profound understanding of children - their preferences, their modes of expression. Thus, my distinct approach was born, one that effortlessly aligns with the language they resonate with most: PLAY.

Get to Know Us

Our mission at Happy Grow Playground is to establish resilient foundations of wellbeing within the hearts and minds of children and their guardians. Through the magical realm of play, we equip these young adventurers with robust mindsets, ensuring they embark on life's journey with unwavering confidence.

For us, children's wellbeing encompasses a blend of physical, mental, emotional, and social health. We're dedicated to nurturing every facet of their growth, fostering a sense of balance and fulfillment that transcends childhood and resonates throughout their lives.

Our Approach

Interactive Fun Results in
Engaged Learning

Unlock the Parenting Possibilities Within You

In those tender years, children often look to trusted sources for inspiration. What better way to inspire them than by watching their own parents or loving caregivers being coached and nurturing their own strengths alongside them? Get a two for one strength coaching experience!

Kick Off With Sensory

It's not just fun; it's a dynamic way to help children focus and create a sense of inner calm, empowering them to conquer any jitters that may come their way. 

Introducing Elly The Elevator

Meet Elly, the enchanting interactive elevator, lovingly handcrafted from cardboard. Her doors swing open to reveal a world limited only by a child's imagination. With each passing week, Elly dons a fresh theme, magically transporting you into a newly adorned realm that perfectly complements the week's adventures. This whimsical space becomes our vibrant set for the day's play and exploration.

Script it with Storytelling & Music

Carefully curated books and songs, thoughtfully selected to explore character strengths, will take center stage. These literary gems and melodic treasures become our guiding scripts for the day, leading us on a captivating journey through the world of strength exploration.

Unleashing Inner Artists

Immerse your child in a world of creative flow. Embark on new art adventures. We might craft props for our 'Act It Out' segment, add some whimsy to our set, or simply dive into the sheer joy of artistry. It's a moment for pure creativity.

Act it Out Role Play

In our eyes, this is the heart of the workshop. It's where your child steps into a role and hones their strengths in a safe, nurturing environment. No more waiting for the world to hand them opportunities to use their strengths. Here, your little one gains valuable skills and gets to put them into action, right in class, better preparing them to face challenges and adversity outside of the Happy Grow Playground.

Goodbye Gratitudes

We conclude our workshop on a heartwarming note, as our gratitude song fills the room, brimming with heartfelt 'thank yous' for the day's adventures.

Happy Grow's Character Building Pillars of Play
Happy Grow's Pocket Guide to Charcter Strengths
About Paula
About the Creator of Happy Grow, Paula Olmeda

About The Creator

Paula Olmeda

Paula Olmeda's Signature Strength


Paula Olmeda's Signature Strength


Paula Olmeda's Signature Strength


Paula Olmeda's Signature Strength


Paula Olmeda's Signature Strength


Signature Strengths

For a solid decade, I clung to my 9-5 job like it was the last lifeboat on the Titanic, all the while nursing this itch that there had to be more to life. It's like I had this backstage pass to my own destiny, but I was too busy trying to find the nearest exit.

I always knew I had a knack for coaching and making folks feel like rock stars. But, you see, I didn't just want people to 'become' happy; I was on a mission to help them 'grow' happy, like a garden full of emotional blooms. Then, one day, motherhood happened and in a few years, I became the proud owner of two tiny humans. Soon after that, life tossed me a plot twist. I lost that cushy 9-5 job. But it turns out, these little bundles of chaos would become the producers of my life's sitcom, pushing me onto that bright stage of self-discovery and helping others.

Once the kiddos got a little older, I turned into a nervous wreck, worrying about their grand entrance into the real world. But let's be honest, that's what happens when you stay up reading too many news articles instead of getting that deep sleep you so desperately need. I stopped reading articles and searched high and low for tools to prepare them, but it felt like searching for a unicorn at a petting zoo. Then, it hit me – with my background in positive psychology and a few too many years spent performing, I could craft an approach that's both entertaining and educational. And just like that, Happy Grow Playground was born! So, here I am, ready to share my journey, laugh at the plot twists, and help you and your family 'grow happy' in the most entertaining way possible. 

Paula Olmeda's Resume

certified positive psychology coach



children's book author


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